Guys and Girls

Trouble had her stitches removed yesterday, and got clearance to go on short walks again. The doctor thought she is healing nicely, and Trouble is very obviously excited to have access to the outdoors again. Yay, so far so good. Also, she weighs 50 lbs. now!

Today, Trouble very briefly met Bill and Wes. Ted’s brothers and close friends stormed our house this morning and kidnapped the unsuspecting bachelor to spend a weekend long bachelor party at a lake house in Lake Anna, VA.

I am (pretty) certain that this came as a complete surprise to Ted, and I am also sure that he is very touched and extremely happy about it. Bill and Wes rented an awesome villa, a boat and two jet skis, they grabbed some x-box games, golf clubs, a frisbee…and I snuck a bottle of Black Label into the bag I secretly packed for Ted last night. I think they’ll be having a very good time!

So now that Ted is off with the guys, I have my puppy all to myself for a nice girls’ weekend. Since she is allowed to walk more I can resume the full regimen of commands I am training her on, and we’ll spend some quality time together doing exactly that.

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