Trouble with Kids

Several lovely ladies from Ted’s family were visiting us last week, including his 4 year old niece Carys. We were wondering how the Trouble and Carys would get along, given that Trouble is 25 lbs heavier than Carys and not always aware of her size and strength.

Turns out they got along marvelously. Trouble loved Carys and figured out very fast that that’s where treats were to be gotten, and Carys was equally infatuated with Trouble. She did maintain a healthy amount of respect for the big dog, which certainly helped Trouble be gentle with the little human.

We are hoping that everyone will be back at our place for Christmas, including Bill and Heather that time, who are pondering also bringing their Dachshund Otto. Everyone has yet to meet him, and we would be so excited to have him around. Her Mom says Carys is looking forward to seeing Trouble again, and having two puppies to play with is probably to her liking too. Carys with her two ‘cousins’ would certainly make for cute Christmas pictures.

2 thoughts on “Trouble with Kids

  1. That picture is great!!! Look how much Trouble loves Carys! I think Trouble had a very good sense that Carys was a “puppy” too. I also want to keep working on the “where’s Carys?” command.

  2. Trouble now has full access to all of the floors, so once she has “where’s Carys” or “find Carys” down, the two of them can play hide and seek in the whole house :)

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