Puppy Update

First post in 2011, a great year so far! Trouble is well and healthy, finally has a consistently good appetite, and enjoys her colorful social life at daycare and the dog park, and with the neighbors, her friends, and her walker Pam. She is such a sweet and well behaved dog (much of the time), we cannot stop being crazy about her.

Trouble's Birthday/Christmas Gift.

Trouble's Birthday/Christmas Gift.

We celebrated her first birthday on Christmas Eve, and she got to enjoy the entire Blaney clan at our place for the holidays. Also, yesterday marked her one year anniversary of being with us. I can’t believe it has been a whole year already, and she has grown so much! Our only regret is that it didn’t snow more this winter, and Trouble didn’t get to experience snow the way we had hoped she would. She very much enjoyed the snow we did have, though.

Trouble is starting ‘graduate school’ in two days; advanced training for the CGC test, that we hope she will pass eventually. If she does get there one day we will have quite a bit of reason to be proud of our newly acquired dog training skills, and of our intelligent and trainable puppy. I am not sure, though, that she’ll ever get to the point where she can consistently ignore distractions and other dogs, but it is a good goal to work towards and we all will learn a lot in the process. It’s also a good way to spend quality time with her and keep that busy puppy mind occupied.

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