Upcoming Honeymoon

Lion Sands Lodge in Sabi Sands

Lion Sands Lodge in Sabi Sands

The time has come: more than 14 months after our wedding, which was nothing short of fabulous, we get to go on our much anticipated honeymoon. We had planned to take it half a year after the big day anyway–after all, planning a wedding was keeping us busy enough, who’d want to plan a major vacation at the same time–but with both of us having started news job in 2010 we needed more time to save up vacation days. So a trip in March quickly turned into a trip in November, November 10-29, 2011 to be specific, but, finally, it’s (almost) here.

Our honeymoon will take us to South Africa, which was a decision we made when we were setting up our wedding website and for wedding gifts simply asked for pecuniary contributions towards the vacation. How did we settle on South Africa? Fairly easily. We both independently wrote down our top three choices of places to go in th world (the only limiting factor was that it had to be a new place to both of us), and South Africa (ZA) was the country that was on both of our lists.

As I am reading more and more about ZA in recent weeks I only find our choice confirmed. It seems to be an absolutely amazing place, with stunning scenery and full of wonders and foreign influences, yet very first world to keep Ted happy and comfortable. Plus we decided to splurge quite a bit since a honeymoon is a very special sort of trip, so the places where we will stay are much more than just comfortable, they are exitingly indulgent.

First, we will stay a week in Cape Town and explore the city and surrounding area; then we will spend 4 nights in wine country; and then 5 days on safari in a private game reserve in Kruger National Park. Stay tuned.

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