New Year’s Eve in London

After spending the Christmas holidays with my family in Germany, we flew to London, where Ted’s twin brother Bill and his wife Heather live. This was the fifth time we saw the two of them in 2011, not bad for living on different continents; but since they usually come visit the States it was high time that we visit them in London again.

We spent several fun filled and relaxing days with them, celebrated an exciting New Years Eve where we got to meet many of their friends, got to ohh and ahh over their new and renovated house, and, FINALLY, meet their pooch Otto. Otto is a German Dachshund who is turning two in January.  Pretty cute, eh?  Almost as cute as Trouble ;).

One thought on “New Year’s Eve in London

  1. Hey, it’s been ages since I’ve seen some photos of my cousin! Where you at, Trouble? Also, that photo above makes my nose look big.

    Oh, wait, it is really big.



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