Debi and Ted’s Christmas Letter

We rang in the new year 2012 in London with Bill and Heather (Ted’s twin brother and his wife), and it has been a great year for us. A year where we enjoyed good health for ourselves and loved ones, successes and enjoyment at work, prosperity, much quality time with each other, family and friends, and we had a number of exciting adventures. There is nothing more we could ask for, and we are very thankful for our many blessings!

Besides a number of work trips and long weekend trips, as well as a week spent on Ironbound Island, we intentionally kept a low profile on travel this year. We had a big trip last year (our honeymoon to South Africa) and are planning a some big trips in 2013, so decided to take this year off from traveling to save up for a downpayment for our next house that we are looking to buy in the next couple of years. Despite not entertaining our passion of international travel we had a very eventful, fun and adventurous year.

Ted was invited by his former high school in Mississippi (MSMS boarding school) to give a talk during career day. The trip turned out to be unexpectedly meaningful to him, a true journey down memory lane. Ted is also getting more and more excited about his work as he is embedding himself more into the _____________and gaining visibility in this field, and  spends much time at __________. He also can talk less and less about his work, so we’ll have to leave it at that. In other news, Ted is excited to move on from his first love, the S2000, to another exciting toy very soon.

Debi ran the Ragnar race in September, a 200 mile relay race over the course of 2 days with 11 running mates. For someone who is not a runner this was a pretty big challenge, but after many months of pounding the pavement Debi successfully achieved her goal of finishing her 13.4 miles. Her other big undertaking this year was to take up scuba diving, something she had been wanting to do for years. Despite the fact that she almost drowned on her first day, she realized that diving is something she really enjoys and wants to pursue. She became PADI Open Water certified, and Advanced certified shortly thereafter, with more classes and skill building and dive trips in the planning for 2013 and beyond. Diving also came with a great group of new friends that we have been spending much time with.

Trouble had a very good year herself, without any knee problems and with much fun and play  with her friends at dog parks and at daycare. She remains the happy fluff ball that likes every dog and every human and is doing wonderfully at her therapy work. She will be turning three years old this Christmas eve.

After an eventful summer and fall, winter has been no less exciting. Debi got to vote for the first time in America! Then we spent a week at Lake Anna, VA for a Thanksgiving family reunion with Ted’s mom’s family. A wonderful and fun filled week was only overcast by the fact that Ginny (Ted’s mom) is so sorely missed since her passing a year ago. Amanda Patten, Ted’s cousin’s daughter, moved in with us for a couple of months that she spent in the DC area and it gave us a wonderful opportunity to get to know her better. Debi’s dad has also been visiting from Germany for two months and experienced his first Thanksgiving and many Christmas events the Washington area has to offer. We will be spending Christmas itself with our relatives the Patten family in Roanoke, which we are looking forward to immensely.

We look forward to welcoming 2013 in the comfort of our home with some of our very closest friends, and to whatever the new year may bring. If you are still reading this, then we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Frohe Weihnachten und einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

Debi and Ted

2 thoughts on “Debi and Ted’s Christmas Letter

  1. Ted, Debi–
    What a great Christmas letter and joy to read. It was fun following your 2012 joys and challenges. My only regret is that we were unable to personally share more of them with you. What a wonderful couple you and Ted make and we are lucky to call you friends. Hope to see you one last time in 2012. Dan

  2. Hai Debi & Ted, It has been a wonderful vacation with you and Trouble and great experience spending Thanks Giving (with Ted’s Mom family side) at Lake Anna and Christmas with Ted’s cousin side, the Pattens, in Roanoke with big family gatherings. This was my first experience spending such big family celebrations in America. Thank you both and Metzler & Patten families for these memorable events. Looking forward to celebrate New Year with your friends before returning to Germany.


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