I posted earlier this year about our travel plans for 2013, and thought it was time for an update on what has happened so far–Ted and I have had some excellent adventures traveling this fine country in the first half of the year.


First, there was our trip to New Orleans, where I spent several days for work attending a conference, and then Ted flew in for a few days of good fun. Our time together there was filled with amazing food and drinks, lots of live jazz music, walking the French Quarter, shopping for some art, and going on a swamp tour. I love this town!

Annika and Me

Then I traveled with my colleague Sarah to Denver, CO and Cheyenne, WY for work. During our time in Denver I was able to reunite with my old time college bestie Annika, who I had not seen in about 10 years. It was so good to see her again!! Wyoming on the other hand was a whole different kind of adventure: Sarah and I were snowed in at our lodge due to a blizzard, but were still able to give a successful presentation for work and spent the rest of the snowed in time drinking champagne.

Ted and friends in West Palm

Immediately following that trip Ted and I went to West Palm Beach, FL to attend his friend Matt’s wedding. We got to spend lots of quality time with Ted’s college buds, and I got two days of supreme scuba diving in on this trip as well.

Wendy and i in High Springs

About a week after that I left for High Springs, FL with my scuba diving bestie Wendy and had my first experiences cave diving. We also spent a day at Epcot and went snorkling with the manatees.


Next we spent a weekend in NYC, stayed at a cute B&B is the West Village, attended the birthday party of Ted’s cousins Jeff and Chandra, and were able to meet up with some other friends for brunch. Just a quick weekend trip, but it counts since we had so much fun.


Over Memorial day we spent five days in Antigua, at a fab 5 star all inclusive resort that made us feel like royalty. We mostly did nothing at all whilst having fruity drinks in hand, all day long. Against all expectations I found this to be absolutely terrific. I think I will consider this our second honeymoon, it was just perfect and splendid.


After a couple of weeks of break from traveling I hit the road again with my above mentioned friend Wendy, for a girl’s trip to Charleston, and man did we have a blast. Charleston is a beautiful town with stunning architecture and great food, and I like it even better than New Orleans, which came as an utter surprise.


That about wraps up our travel adventures for the first six months of this year. Still to come are our annual family vacation to Maine, a trip to Germany, a weekend at our favorite Virginia B&B to celebrate our three year anniversary, one or two scuba diving trips to Florida, and our big trip of the year: India in November. More about that in a later post. Cheers.



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