A few weekends ago we decided to take Trouble for a stroll through VA wine country. We were checking out a dog boarding place in Loudoun County that we ended up not liking at all, and being a photography student I was on the hunt for some good shots as well.

New Image

During our walk we passed a horse pasture, and one of the horses was curious to meet Trouble. Trouble, in turn, was very curious about the big creature that she had never encountered before.

New Image2She gingerly sniffed its nose, then decided she was scared and ran off a bit, then changed her mind and came back to play. This frenzy of her jumping back and forth went on for quite some time, you could really see how torn she was between her fear and respect for an animal so much bigger than her, and her curiosity and love for play.


It was quite fun and cute to watch. And during the rest of the walk I got some other good pictures taken as well.


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