Trouble had many excellent adventures this winter, in fact, the 2013/2014 winter has to be one of her favorites due to all of the snow she got to enjoy. Thus far, it snowed four times in the Washington D.C. area, and one of those times the snow accumulation can even be considered significant.


Needless to say, Trouble had a blast playing in the snow every single chance she got.


Topping that off, however, was our holiday trip to Maine, where the amount of snow surpassed anything she has thus far experienced in her life.


We had a hard time getting her to come inside, she enjoyed playing in the snow or just lying in it so much. We also took her on many cold walks in Acadia National Park whilst we were there, which she loved and which nicely tired her out.

IMG_4003 IMG_4140 IMG_4132

As usual, Trouble proved to be a great traveler and didn’t seem to mind the long drives to and from Maine (this was her fifth trip to Maine!).


And aside from all the snow this season gave her, she had some fun on other accounts as well. On December 24th, 2013 she turned four years old, and got a big bone as her birthday gift, which she chewed on for six days.


She also made her first real encounter with a cat, Harry, in whose house she stayed for more than a week in Maine. Surprisingly enough the two of them got along quite well.


Trouble also got to enjoy a couple of holiday parties, one at our place and one at our local scuba store, where she proudly donned a Santa hat.


During all this time she got to enjoy the company of her “maternal grandfather”, Opa, who was visiting for three months from Germany.


And then there also were the usual activities during the winter time that take place throughout the year, such as accompanying me to our local coffee shop…


…and doing her therapy work with children at our local library.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.29.31 AMAll in all a pretty good winter, says Trouble.

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