We spent last weekend (March 28-30) in Roanoke visiting family and enjoying the beautiful Virginia countryside. First, we strolled through the Virginia Tech campus, Ted’s Alma Mater, and Ted gave me a tour of his old school, the town of Blacksburg, and the Aerospace building/department from which he graduated.

IMG_4756Then we were the lucky recipients of Brenda and Bobby’s gracious hospitality and had a lovely time staying at their beautiful place. Besides delicious food and stimulating conversation we enjoyed camouflage cake as it had recently been Bobby’s birthday.

IMG_4762Bobby also took us on hike to a waterfall that reminded us just how beautiful of a state Virginia really is. And we were not the only ones who enjoyed the countryside scenery: Trouble had a blast as well. She was bounding up and down the trails, clearly enjoying herself to no end.




Brenda and Bobby also hosted a family dinner one of the evenings so we got a chance to see everyone in the Patten clan (or at least everyone who was in town, we did miss Becky and Elizabeth, among others), and it was so nice to see everyone!

Picture Courtesy of Brenda Patten Photography.

Picture Courtesy of Brenda Patten Photography.

On our drive home on Sunday it snowed! Unbelievable, especially considering that today, a week later, spring has most definitely sprung with temperatures in the seventies, magnolias, cherry blossoms, and daffodils in bloom, among many other things. Let’s hope that was indeed winter’s last breath for the season and we can now keep enjoying the beauties of spring.


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