This weekend marked the annual return of “Crafty Bastards”, where independent artists display and sell handmade goods ranging from jewelry, prints, clothes, home goods, and much more: enough this was my first year visiting the craft fair; a couple of girlfriends kept telling me how amazing it is, and so we planned a girls’ day out starting at the fair. IMG_6583

And amazing it was. Almost overwhelming actually, so many attractive goods being displayed and offered.

IMG_6587I kept being astonished by the beauty or curious nature of things at every booth and had to exert large amounts of willpower to keep spending in check.


It felt a lot like browsing Etsy, just in person. IMG_6592

It was certainly the perfect place to procure holiday gifts for family and friends, and well, a few things for myself.


Among other things I bought a fridge magnet showing Jesus riding a dinosaur!


After a few hours at the fair we grew tired and thirsty and moved on to Mimosas and crepes, and talked about coming back next year.


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