Doggie Park

VonLindenhof Berners at the Shirlington dog park. From left: Trouble, Sadie, Mirabelle, Ollie, and Wirgley.

Trouble is now old enough to go to the dog park (meaning she has all her shots). So we decided to kick it off with another Berner meet-and-greet at the Shirlington Dog Park with her relatives, Berners from the VonLindenhof breeder. Among other dogs, she got to play with her brother Wrigley, her aunts and uncles Ollie, Mirabelle, and Sadie, and another Berner pup from Canada named Ellie.

Trouble and Wrigley wrestling. Someone needs a bath!

She had a blast running and wrestling around in the mud and sand, and required an immediate bath after we got home. Once we had a clean and fluffy puppy again, she passed out for the rest of the day from all her happy play time.

Mirabelle and Trouble, Damien and Tedow.

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