A Troubled Knee

Trouble had been limping for a while, and what the vet first mistook for growing pains turned out to be a torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL). We don’t know how and where she tore it, but after x-rays and examination by a orthopedic surgeon and a second surgeon’s opinion it was pretty clear that we had no choice but to put her through surgery. Such injuries in puppies this young are extremely rare as the ligament is stronger than the bone at this point. The surgeon had to do some research as to how best operate on this, given that her bones are still growing, but found a minimally invasive procedure that should fix the problem and have her back to normal within weeks or months.

So our poor puppy had surgery a week ago, and can only go on moderate leash walks for the next few weeks, no running, jumping or rambunctious play with other dogs that she loves so much. It’s going to be very hard for a puppy this energetic to be relatively still, but things could have been a lot worse. We were worried this would lead to a life long condition, and it still could, but she is recovering so nicely that we are very hopeful she’ll come out just fine on the other end and be ecstatic when she gets to play again.

One thought on “A Troubled Knee

  1. OH wow Rob I think I might have to agree, Lilly is the CUTEST dog EVER. I have always loved Bernese Mountain Dogs but that puppy just stole my heart. Charley might be julaoes Love the shot on the dock with her ears flying!

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