Trouble in Paradise

We brought our puppy home with us yesterday, and things so far are going pretty much as expected: Trouble is depressed to be separated from her litter, and her most remarkable characteristic yet is being a stealth bomber of incredible speed. She cried through most of the night, sounding rather like a seal than a dog, and isn’t showing much interest in our elaborate set up of toys and treats and games. She appears to be slowly getting accustomed to her crate, and we do have some first successes in house training to mark, so we are hoping that these initial discomforts will go away soon. Is she still ridiculously cute? Yes. Are we hopelessly in love with her already? You bet. Even in these early hours puppies are pretty good at being cute and lovable. Not that we are seriously worried about her sadness and state of mourning, but we do hope that the rambunctious little fur-ball ninja that she usually is will return soon.

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