Recovery Update

It has been almost two weeks since Trouble’s knee surgery, and the recovery is going well. She is back to her normal self, using her bad leg again, and she doesn’t seem to be bothered by a thing. Her stitches are coming out on Wednesday, and two weeks after that she’ll have her first follow up x-ray to see how things are healing, which will lead to an undated verdict as to how long she has to remain inactive (relatively speaking, she’s a puppy after all).

The big challenge for her and us now is to keep her from running and jumping in the house, as she is trying to release all her energy. It is much harder to entertain her when we cannot take her outside and let her play with other dogs. We bring her new toys and treats, sticks from outside, and on nice days we take her for drives in Ted’s convertible so she gets some fresh air.

Since vigorous play is out right now it has led to much more time cuddling with our puppy. Tonight, Trouble and I will snuggle up on the couch together (or perhaps the floor, as she prefers) and watch a chick flick on our girl’s night in :)

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